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MANAR participates in the European project ee-WISE

March 5, 2015 - At the AIDICO facility, the Project Workshop: ee-WiSE, "Validation of the methodology and tools for knowledge transfer in energy rehabilitation for the Mediterranean." MANAR Project Director - Rosa Lopez has been part of the panel of experts who have tested the tools developed in the project at the invitation of AIDICO, 

The ee-WISE project has developed a knowledge transfer freamework (KTF) tool to assist any type of users to find and share Energy Efficiency information for Building. Energy saving techniques, good practices, regulations, simulation tools, economic data, innovations and many other sort of materials are shared in the KTF. The KTF was validated in 7 Mediterranean countries and accommodated more than 300 users from the region. The material can be downloaded or viewed online, also be rated by other users.

The aim of this Energy Efficiency community is to share knowledge that promotes energy saving, specially through Building Retrofitting and in Mediterranean climates. The tool is available online in the ee-WISE portal www.ee-wise.eu

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